Why 1784-PKTX PCI Interface Cards Are Best PC To PLC Communications


1784-PKTX PCI Bus Card from Allen Bradley is a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) device from the product line of PLC-5. You can use this interface card to connect desktops or industrial PCs with SLC 5/04 and PLC-5s via a supported network.

This PCI card has a protective coating that safeguards the device when exposed to chemicals, liquids, or harsh environmental factors. To operate this PKTX Bus Card, you don’t have to connect it to any external power supply or source. 

There are various other features of this network interface card from the Rockwell Automation family, which makes it one of the best in the market. In this post, I will try to cover everything you need to know about this1784PKTX Bus Communication Card.

What do you Need to Know About PKTX PCI Communication Card?

Some of the interesting facts and specifications of1784 PKTXare discussed below.

ü  Network & Processor

PCI cards from the 1784 PKTX family utilize SLC processors or DH+ (Data Highway Plus) on DH-485 networks to connect computers Why 1784-PKTXPCI Interface CardsAre Best PC ToPLC Communicators

and PLC controllers. Connecting both devices establishes a secure interface that can be used for data acquisition as well as PLC programming and controlling. However, you utilize software such as REVIEW, Logix 5, and RSLINX to make the programming and acquisition fast and easy.

ü  Remote I/O Scanner

These interface cards also offer an I/O scanner functionality to use them with embedded-control and soft-control engines. You can also create remote I/O scanner software by combining the features available with 1784 PKTX PCI card and 6001-RIO RIOScan Driver DEVMPT Toolkit.

ü  Universal PCI Standard

Due to the compliance with the industrial standard for Universal PCI Card, 1784-PKTXcan work compatibly with most PCs or industrial desktops. To enable this device, you need to insert the card into the slot of a PCI bus, which is keyed for a 5 Volt or 3.3 Volt signaling option.

ü Operating System

The continuously evolving software and hardware platforms don’t restrict the features or functioning of cards in the 1784 PKTX family. Using the RSLINXdriver from Rockwell Automation, you can operate these cards easily on OS platforms like Windows NT and Windows 95. On other operating systems such as MS-DOS or Windows 3.x, specifications of 1784-DPS can be used for designing DH485 or DH+ applications.

You can use 1784 PKTX for data management, transmission, and diagnosing local networks as well. The transmission and reception of data can be managed by incorporating RSLINX interface software into the PCI card through a dual-port memory interface.

Classification of 1784 PKTX Family and Their Benefits

If you go through the product catalogs of the 1784 PKTX family, they are classified into the following categories:

  • 1784 PKTS
  • 1784 PKTX
  • 1784 PKTXD

All the three interfaces are considered as Allen Bradley PCI family, but 1784 PKTS offers a scanner-only interface. Hence, 1784 PKTX and 1784 PKTXD models are mostly preferred for interfacing PC to PLC as they offer the features of selective single-channel and dual channels respectively.

Features/Benefits of 1784 PKTX

Now, let me take you through some important beneficial features that come with 1784 PKTX specifically.

  • Offers a single channel to enable selective support of remote I/O, DH-485, or DH+ networks
  • Configurable to support an MMI (Man/Machine Interface) operating on either DH-485 or DH+ networks, or on remote I/O network to operate as a scanner module
  • Connection to the network is provided using a single protocol channel and associating two ports exclusive for physical communication to it
  • Do not require jumpers or switches to configure base memory address values and IRQ (interrupt request) levels, which are assigned by PCI Bios automatically when the PC is powered up

Hence, PCI universal card from the the1784-PKTXfamily enables shorter execution times and a faster communication port via DH+ and DH-485 networks. 1784 PKTX offers numerous benefits to connect PCs with SLCs and PLCs effectively.

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