Reason Why Social Media Manager is Must For Small Business


Being a small business owner, do you feel that you don’t need to be present on social media? Or that you do not need to allocate funds for hiring a social media manager? If so, it no longer works this way, my friend!.

As a business owner handling the management and finances, the chances are low that you would tweet and post stories on Instagram (in an optimized manner) every day. We all will agree that to keep a strong presence online, and we need to strengthen our social media presence daily.

To do that, one needs to hire a professional. A social media manager is an essential part of the marketing team of any small business enterprise.

Here are The Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Social Media Manager:

Concentrate on Other Aspects of Business:

If you hire a professional to manage your social media marketing, your existing employees can concentrate and work on things they do best. One person handling both responsibilities may lead to a disaster in both aspects because social media marketing is a time-consuming task.

Consistent Content:

Please remember social media management is an ongoing process. It requires you to put content (relevant and valuable) every day on your various social media pages/accounts. One needs to plan how this content will go out systematically daily.

Consistently posting on any platform will keep your viewers engaged, and they will remember you as a brand for longer. This way, the chances of them approaching you when they need your product/services becomes high.

Responding To Messages:

When you actively post content on social media, the chances are high that your content will reach more people every day. In such a case, you will start getting inquiries or other kinds of messages on various platforms. These messages should be tended to on a dire premise.

Due to heavy competition, the patience of the customer is very low. Sometimes these messages may be positive or negative feedback, which is very important to address. Ignoring customer feedback or inquiries may lead to a negative impact on your brand name, and all the investment of time and money that you made for your social media may go waste.

Brand Engagement:

Primarily a social media manager is a creative asset to your business. They bring effort thoughts to advance your business and develop a more compelling brand. Promoting your company's work culture, employee benefits, customer giveaways, and testimonials from time to time will bring more engagement on their pages/accounts.

The present client is very much educated and likes to find out about the brand rather than buy it. That is where a well sought out social media strategy carried on by a professional can help.

Generate New Customers:

Actively advertising and marketing your business on social media platforms can increase your reach to a great extent. Posting new offers through ads or otherwise by someone who can entirely focus on your account has the potential to bring in new customers. A social media manager knows exactly what and how should he/she market according to different business types.


For long-term success, hiring a social media manager may be the best marketing decision that you would take for your start-up or a small business. An active social media presence will lead to better customer service, branding, and eventually sales.

If you need assistance in managing your social media profiles, ESage Digital can help you achieve organic growth in followers and reach in no time.

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