6 Amazing Mauritius Locations and stuff to do


Port Louis and certainly one of Mauritius' first cities to visit is the capital and biggest city.

There's so much going on here that you can spend more than a day and not cover all.

There are local products, exotic food, local spices, art, crafts, and souvenirs. You're going to find it here. Port Louis is known for low-cost clothing, you can find.

Some were made locally and some imported goods were imported from India and China. This is also where people purchase items for their own goods such as curry and teas.

You can also use the Port Louis Theatre. An exciting day at Port Louis is one of Mauritius' best sights to see for beautiful traditions and cultures.

You can even book a tour of the city for a whole day that we can advise if you want.

This colonial city is one of the best things about Mauritius.



Deep-sea fishing is one of the best-known activities in Mauritius.

There are several large fish species on the surrounding sea, such as black and blue marlin, yellow tuna, barracuda and sharks, and many more.

The Marlin World Cup is held off the island every year in February and March. There are different world records of fishing, among which Mako shark and White Tuna. Blue shark. Bonito.

Many other catches were also recorded.

Most hotels have lifetime fishing boats to rent! All water sports, especially deep-sea fishing, must cover Mauritius.


The Caudan Waterfront Port Louis is a place both for local citizens and lovers. The center of shopping is great, too.

There is a wide range of options for food, Kiddyland, and a lot of unique shopping options.

Many historical buildings are on the shore, including the Blue Penny Museum, the Stamp Museum, Mauritius Natural History Museum.

These museums should be at the top of your list of things to learn about the history of Mauritius.

In the Blue Penny Museum are many scarce printed marks, including Blue Kenny and Orange stamps from 1847, among the world's rare prints.

Caudan is the ideal location for a day walk and cultural discovery with its shopping and restaurants.


China Town, while you're in Port Louis, is another famous Mauritius package attraction. There are plenty of shops and restaurants which offer a unique culture and taste here.

In this field, pharmacies have traditional Chinese medicines, as well as modern remedies. There are so many vendors and shops that you just need to try selling traditional foods like chow and fish balls.


Mauritius will not be completed if you don't visit the relatively undeveloped southern part of the island.

Since most of the area is beachless, tourists are less visited and less developed.

Mauritius is, therefore, the untouched part of the island and the best place to see Mauritius' true lives.

It has beautiful landscapes and some of the wilderness along the coastal road Souillac-le Morne.

On the way to the Isle aux Aigrettes, the beautiful Mount Lion, and the city of Mahebourg, you will also visit Mauritius.

In the southern part of Mahebourg is one of the main fishing villages of the country and on one of the amazing Grand Port Bay.

This is definitely an area in Mauritius to make the real Mauritians feel less influential.

Several unusual products, tropical fruits, and vegetables, fresh fish, local arts and crafts, teas, and much more can be enjoyed in Maheborg Market.

You can become part of local customs and traditions here.

Everyone should include a list of what to do in Mauritius.

The town of Matebourg is one of the unforgettable attractions of Mauritius and is the perfect place to enjoy a day out on the market.


You can become part of local customs and traditions here.

Each should contain a list of what to do in Mauritius.

The town of Matebourg is one of the unforgettable attractions of Mauritius and is the perfect place to enjoy a day out on the market.

It is recognized worldwide because many of the plants found worldwide do not grow and in 1965 were declared a nature reserve.

Some of the world's most rare birds have been found here, such as kestrel and rose pigeon. Other animals, like the Aldabra giant tortoise and the green Gecko Phelsuma, could also be found in the country.

The Mauritius Wildlife Fund has established a world-renowned standard for conserving endangered species and natural resources.

If you like to relax, take a look at the luxury tour around Isle-aux-Aigrettes with dinner, drinks, and activities.

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