How to Use Hotel Key Cards as Effective Marketing Tools

A guest, in a hotel, wants to relax and doesn't want to do a lot to get information about their stay. Things like the Wi-Fi password or other information must be readily available to them at all times. So, it would be great if you could provide your guests with all the information they need and put it in a prominent place. That would obviously be a great marketing tool, as the guests would need to access that every day.

Hotel key access cards are the right answer to all the above situations. The key card always existed to provide guests with the hotel's facilities. But with time surpasses the main concept of the hotel's key card, which is for guests to enter the room. These plastic cards are full of potential. Consider all space on the keycard and how often guests will view or use the card.

A hotel key card is thus a canvas for doing a lot of things and you can use them to help make your hotel stand out from the competition.

Create an Eye-catching Design.

Most hotel keycards are simple. A white plastic card with a front sign and a magnetic strip behind it. For guests, they don't look great and are not appreciated. However, by simply adding an attractive design, you can use the key card for a long-lasting impression. Using the design will show your guests you are willing to do something extra for them. Make things professional and innovative. You want your guests to stay in your hotel. Most of the time they will remember their experiences and services and an exceptionally designed hotel key access card will make it more likely to happen.

Use it as an Ad Space

People do not usually consider hotel keycards a way to advertise. But you should seriously give thought to it because there is enough space! Also, many hotels are affiliated with other companies. Additional space is used to promote your partner on the hotel room key. It provides a guarantee for other companies that provide newcomers every day to your hotel.

Putting your logo or discount offers of your partner in your key card is one of the many methods of recommended activities. Providing filtered recommendations allows guests to enjoy new experiences and good memories.

The main goal of your hotel is to provide your guests with the best experience, so they will revisit your hotel.

Things to Include in a Hotel Key Access Card

A key card has a lot of space. Use the blank space to communicate with your guests! You can add some features to the hotel room key by adding useful tips and information for your guests. The key here is to consider the information you want to convey or your guests need.

Some examples include adding Wi-Fi login, room service information, check-out instructions, or contact information. Anything that your guests often ask is good information to include in your key card.

If you have additional space, it is hard to think of a reason why you won't want to include these useful tips and instructions. It is a small touch to help your customers go on with your hotel protocols smoothly.

These just some of the several methods you can utilize to use your hotel key access cards as a marketing tool. There are other options there. Follow the tips mentioned above and come up with unique and innovative ideas to use your hotel key card as an effective 


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