Best Things To Do In Manali

Seek Hidimba Devi Temple blessings.

This historical temple, which is about 1,5 kilometers from the mall road, is one of Manali's top destinations for tourists and pilgrims. Raja Bahadur Singh founded a wood temple in 1553 with four stories and is well located in the heart of the Van Vihar thick coniferous forest. The pagoda building is devoted to Hadimbas, the wife of Bhima of Mahabharata, and profoundly revered by local people. Visit the temple and enjoy its archeological and historical value for a peaceful environment.

Discover the Solang Valley skiing

Manali is an exciting place for snow lovers and skiers to enjoy the magic of winter sports. Enjoy the amazing Alpine views while skiing down the snowy pistes. Get into the winter, winters and hiking, parachute and paragliding, and other adventure sports are the great slopes of the Solang Valley. The snow-capped piste evaporates in the summer and is a great place for zorbing and climbing, where guests can parachute in a bouncing ball down the mountain.

Discover exciting Rohtang Pass activities

Rohtang Pass, also known as the Snow Point of Manali, is an international attraction for many people to enjoy ripping summer adventures. In winter, the mountains of Rohtang Pass are shrouded by snow and are inaccessible to the public from October to May. The Mountain Pass at an altitude of 3,979 m above sea level, 51 km from Manali, is one of Manali's adventurous hubs. It is the portal to the Spiti, Pangi, and Leh valleys in the vicinity. It's a lovely valley.

Visitors can experience a range of exciting activities such as snow scooter, ski, para-gliding, mountain biking, and ATV, providing a clear overview of glaciers, peaks, and snow. Camping is also a perfect way to enjoy the natural magnificence of the surrounding area.

Search the Himalayan Shrine in Manali for birds and mammals

A natural paradise with luxuriant greeneries, snow-capped mountains, and a flora and fauna bird, 2 kilometers from the center of town, is Manali Wildlife Sanctuary. The sight and sound of stunning, colorful birds and exotic animals are an incredible chance to experience from a massive surface of 7413 hectares. Because of the beautiful greenery and the presence of wild mountain animals, resorts in Manali are a popular place to visit. It dates back to 1954 and contains different animals such as wild muscle goats, the Himalayan black bear, the flying fox, and the wild bark. Rare species can also be seen in danger, like leopards, brown bears, and gorals. Large vegetation and trees, such as Deodar, Horse Chestnut, Kail, Maple, and Walnut, is covering the thick forest of this Manali wildlife Shrine.

Remove to Zorbing and Khajjiar Paragliding

For nature enthusiasts and adventure junkies, Khajjiar is a real haven, known as the Indian Mini Switzerland. The fresh air in nature's lap is beyond surprise and is also famous for the squatting and paragliding of adventure activities. You can go down a hill in a great clear ball round the world and the hill-green Khajjiar slopes are the ideal place for this exciting sport. Don't worry, guides take care, of a friend or even a loved one. You're a bit fearful.

Jhajjar is Manali's best experience, and there are great options for zorbing. It is often between January and May, October and December that the best time to zorb is here.

One of Manali's pleasant activities is to emphasize the sky on a glider. You can enjoy excitement by flying like a bird to the true adventure lover while enjoying the spectacular view of the Dhauladhar Mountains and the winding Beas River. The flight time varies according to the wind.

Rafting in Manali

Manali's wide open valley, made up of the Beas River, is a rafting experience in a frozen, cold stream and white waters. The Beas river is the largest river in this region and its 14km of white water is renowned for the Jhiri river and is ideal for rafting along the broad streams. Many of the sports operators, private and adventurous, in Manali, sell packages for rafting. River rafting is an activity for those looking for fun water sports in Manali and makes it even better. Get ready to survive a raft's fast waters and make it one of the favorite adventurous activities of Manali. Get ready to take advantage of the fast waters of a raft, making it one of the most adventurous activities in Manali.

River Beas is famous for offering short distances to both beginners and adventurous professionals, among India's best rafting areas. All river rafting events are considered to be the best months between April and June. A professional safety guide is provided for rafting and an exciting experience is guaranteed.

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