GTA 4 :

Niko Bellic, an Eastern European, shows up in Liberty City onboard a freight transport, the Platypus, to rejoin with his cousin Roman, seek after the American Dream, and quest for the man who deceived his unit in a war fifteen years earlier. Upon appearance, be that as it may, Niko finds that Roman's stories of wealth and extravagance were lies hiding battles with betting obligations and credit sharks and that Roman lives in a grimy loft in Broker and runs a little taxi organization. While completing occupations for Roman, Niko makes his first criminal contacts, including Yardies underboss Little Jacob, whom he becomes friends with, and Vlad Glebov, Roman's Russian credit shark, whom he in the long run murders after learning he laid down with Roman's better half, Mallorie. 

On the counter, Niko and Roman are grabbed by Russian mobsters on requests of Mikhail Faustin and his appointee Dimitri Rascal. Not irritated by Vlad's homicide, Faustin enlists Niko, who rapidly finds Faustin's actual nature in the wake of being requested to slaughter the child of Kenny Petrović, Liberty City's most impressive Russian horde chief. When Petrović undermines counter, Dimitri persuades Niko to kill Faustin so as to offer some kind of reparation, yet later deceives and brings Niko before his previous manager Ray Bulgarin, who blames him for taking from him a couple of years sooner. After Niko denies the charge, firefight results, permitting Dimitri and Bulgarian to getaway. 

Niko and Roman are compelled to escape to Bohan after their condo and taxi organization are torched by Dimitri's men. While working for a couple of neighbourhood sedate rulers trying to make sure about a superior way of life and find the swindler, Niko proceeds with his contention with Dimitri, sparing Roman after he is hijacked, and finds that his better half Michelle is an administration operator really named Karen. She ensnares Niko into working for her organization, known distinctly by its spread: United Liberty Paper, for whom Niko does a few deaths in return for clearing his criminal record and help with finding the swindler of his unit. Niko and Roman's fortunes out of nowhere improve when the last gets a lot of protection cash from his wrecked business, which he uses to revamp it and purchase a loft in Algonquin. Roman likewise proposes to Mallorie, who acknowledges. 

While working for the Irish Mob, Niko becomes a close acquaintance with Patrick McReary subsequent to helping him do a bank burglary, who acquaints him with Ray Boccino, a caporegime in the Pegorino Mafia family. After helping on a significant precious stone arrangement that goes astray, Boccino helps Niko find the man he accepted to be the double-crosser, just to acknowledge he was mixed up and acquaints him with Don Jimmy Pegorino for more work. Subsequent to associating Boccino with being a police witness, Pegorino orders Niko to execute him. In the interim, Niko likewise works for the Gambetti family in return for help with finding Darko Brevic, the genuine double-crosser, and assists Patrick with abducting the girl of the Ancelotti family's Don to emancipate her for the precious stones; this plan is defeated by Bulgarin's obstruction. 

In the long run, the Paper finds Darko and brings him into Liberty City for Niko to choose his destiny. Having accomplished conclusion on his past, Niko is brought by Pegorino for one last kindness: to help with an incredibly worthwhile arrangement on heroin in conspiracy with Dimitri. Niko should either hit an arrangement with Dimitri or get vengeance on him. 

Ought to Niko proceed with the arrangement, Dimitri again deceives him and takes the heroin for himself. At Roman's wedding, a professional killer sent by Dimitri accidentally murders Roman with a wanderer projectile. Helped by Little Jacob, a crushed and wrathful Niko executes Dimitri, who thusly slaughtered Pegorino. Afterwards, Niko is educated by Mallorie that she is pregnant with Roman's kid, whom he pledges to ensure. Ought to Niko decides to get payback, he storms the Platypus and battles his way through Dimitri's men, eventually slaughtering him. At Roman's wedding, Pegorino, angry after Niko's disloyalty, targets him in a drive-by shooting, however unintentionally slaughters Niko's new sweetheart, Patrick's sister Kate. Supported by Little Jacob and Roman, Niko murders Pegorino, who had been focused by the Liberty City hidden world. Afterwards, Roman educates Niko that Mallorie is pregnant and that if the infant is a young lady, they will name her in Kate's memory.

GTA 4 starting to recount his story :

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