Ant-man 3

Ant-man 3

The MCU’s Ant-Man movies have so far largely remained in their own little corner of the shared universe, with Scott Lang tending not to get involved with the sort of intergalactic conflict or situations that potentially determine the fate of the entire world that the majority of his Avengers teammates frequently find themselves caught up in.
With much smaller stakes and a narrower focus though, Ant-Man hasn’t brought in the kind of box office numbers usually associated with Marvel Studios, with the first two installments the lowest-grossing entries in the franchise since before the Avengers were first assembled at the end of Phase One.
However, after Scott played a pivotal role in the events of Avengers: Endgame, it looks like he could have a much bigger part to play in the MCU going forward, especially when you consider the constant rumors that following the five-year time jump, his daughter Cassie could serve as the catalyst to introduce the Young Avengers into the mix.

Paul Rudd may have as of late conceded that even he doesn't have a clue when Ant-Man 3 will occur, and he's the main man and co-essayist of the films, however, another report guarantees that Peyton Reed's threequel is set to begin creation next June. According to Murphy's Multiverse, the proceeded with impacts of the Coronavirus that have just caused ruin with the total of Phase Four have seen the proposed plan pushed back, and the content itself is as of now being pounded out with Marvel sharp not to surge it into creation only for it. 

The proceeded with hypothesis encompassing both the eventual fate of female lead Evangeline Lilly and the likely introduction of the Young Avengers sets Ant-Man 3 up as the greatest trip yet for the MCU's littlest legend in a larger number of ways than one, and it hopes to factor into the folklore in significantly more important manners than the past two portions. What's more, should shooting kick off next June as arranged, a shrewd estimate is that Ant-Man 3 wouldn't hit theatres until July 28th, 2023, with Marvel having just marked out that date and both past motion pictures having been delivered in the equivalent month?

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