Here’s why businesses are using plastic key tags and why you should do the same


Value is the single biggest factor for businesses who are looking to market themselves and advertise their products and services. The raging pandemic and the accompanying lockdown restrictions have ensured that the economy is in a pretty bad shape and most businesses just don't have the money to go on a promotional blitzkrieg. Thus businesses are looking for all possible avenues and ways to make the most of the opportunities that they have.

In today's day and age, tools exist for pretty much every single marketing need. Nowadays business owners and managers are looking for different ways for advertising themselves and one such way is plastic key tags. It has been seen that over the past couple of years, more and more businesses have begun using plastic key cards for bolstering their marketing efforts. Few business owners just don't understand the importance of key tags as a marketing tool and you should read the room or else you will be left behind like these business owners.

The many benefits of plastic key tags for businesses

Even in this economy people really don't mind paying more for a better experience. Thus it is imperative for businesses to improve their customer experience because it is cheaper for businesses to retain their existing customers than to get new customers. Out of all the different tools that businesses used to enhance customer experience, it seems abundantly clear that plastic key tags are well on their way to replacing traditional cards. Let's have a look at the key benefits of plastic key tags.

·       Easily Portable :- Portability is one of the biggest benefits of key tags as they can be easily attached to a key ring. Further, their small size is a blessing and it means that customers can easily carry them around. While customers might frequently forget membership or loyalty cards, there is very little chance of them losing or misplacing their key tags.


·       They can also work as an access card :- In many establishments, especially in the hospitality sector, key tags are programmed to double as access cards. This means that when successfully programmed and optimized, these cards can grant you access to facilities. This is one of the prominent reasons to explain why key tags are such a common occurrence in gyms, hotels and resorts.


·       Checking in is very easy :- Another benefit of key tags is that they make the entire check-in process ridiculously easy. Since customers don't have to wait, their time is saved and they have a very good view of the business in question. Customers appreciate better customer experience and key tags make it all possible. With key tags, customers no longer have to stand in lines to check in.


·       They function as mini billboards :- If you have branded the name and logo of your business on the key tag then it will serve as a mini billboard of your business. You won't just catch the attention of your current customers but also of the others as well. In this way, your brand will be introduced to a lot of people and some of them might be enticed to do business with you.


·       Use them as tags and product labels :- Even if your business sells products produced from outside vendors, you need to ensure that the items that have been purchased at your shop can be easily tracked back to you. This can be done by attaching key tags to the products. For this to work properly towards the desired result, you will need to include the logo, contact information, barcode or a QR code on your key tags.


·       Use them to reward customers with special deals :- Using key tags to give special deals or coupons to your customers is actually one of the best ways of promoting your business. There are many businesses in different industries that use plastic key tags to entice new customers in trying out their services at discounts. Once you successfully use such marketing strategies then you can expect plastic key tags to bring you a lot of customers. One thing to be noted that for you all of these marketing strategies to work well, you should include the logo and branding of your business on the tags.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the different benefits of plastic key tags for businesses. Your business can be benefitted in several ways by using these key tags. You will not only be able to retain your existing customers but you will also be able to get new customers. Given the sheer value that can be availed by using such key tags, it is actually an absolute no-brainer for businesses to begin using plastic key tags for their promotional and other benefits. 

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