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Why should home buyers get a building survey done?

Moving house is a stressful process, and you’ve got to organise and arrange tons of things. Whether it is cleaning your current property, setting up a meeting with your mortgage broker, or something else, the list goes on. Buying a property is perhaps one of the most expensive purchases you’d make, and so you should leave no stone unturned in finding out if you’re making the right move. But, people often forget a crucial thing – a building survey! While most people think that they do not need a survey, the truth couldn’t be far from the truth. If you really want to make a wise move and want to save some cash in the long run, you should opt for a home survey.

Reasons why you need a building survey in Birmingham

At times, people fall in love with a property so much that they are willing to pass off some defects. Unfortunately, this isn’t the right move and may end up costing you. Having a survey carried out before buying a property makes sure that you are not taken by surprise by the necessary repair work further down the line.

Here are few reasons why getting a building survey in Birminghamshould be high on your priority list.

·         A mortgage provider’s valuation isn’t enough –Most people don’t realise that when a mortgage provider gets a valuation done, they simply get a price of the house/ property for their lending purposes and that it is not an evaluation. It confirms the value of the property against the prices of similar other properties in the neighbourhood. While it will tell the lender if there are any significant defects that affect the value of the property, it isn’t a detailed report, and wouldn’t tell you what repair or maintenance work it might need.

·         Buyers who don’t get a survey, end up paying more–Studies have shown that surveys are great for finding out hidden defects, structural damage, wet or dry rot, and even problems with the roof. Such problems only get worse over time. Thus knowing them in advance allows buyers to make up their mind whether or not to buy the property and be prepared for the repair costs. According to a study by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), buyers who move in without a survey, end up paying £5750 on repairs on average. In fact, 17% of them pay more than £12,000 to make their newly acquired property more habitable.

·         Surveys help in renegotiating the price–If the building survey in Birmingham shows defects that require expensive repairs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it! In fact, by pointing the key defects to the seller, you may renegotiate the price, considering that you’d have to get those repairs done soon after it changes hands. Alternatively, you could also ask the seller to fix the issues and provide warranties wherever possible for the deal to go through.

What do we recommend?

Choosing a house to buy is one of the most expensive decisions you’d ever make and thus, investing a little on the building survey would buy you complete peace of mind. The building survey identifies all the problems and points any and all repairs that it might need. It is a small investment that could save you from future hassles. If you are looking for a building survey in Birmingham, we’d urge you to go checkout Property Link. They are a chartered surveyor and have extensive experience in proving advice to clients on construction, and buying and selling of properties. We believe that when you’re making the biggest purchase of your life, skimping on getting a survey isn’t really worth the risk.

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