5 Top E-Commerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales


E-commerce marketing is the practice of using promotional strategies to attract traffic to your online store, convert that traffic into paying customers and retain those customers after purchase. The overall e-commerce marketing strategy consists of strategic marketing on and off the website. A reliable marketing strategy can help you build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and ultimately increase online sales. You can use e-commerce marketing to improve your online store as a whole or generate more sales for specific products. Here are some practical ideas you can try.

If you are looking to avoid the hassles of creating a suitable marketing strategy for your e-commerce website, you can always connect with a reliable eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency specializing in e-commerce marketing.

Use Google Shopping Ads

A popular strategy for e-commerce marketing is to use the Google Shopping Ads platform, which displays products related to their Google search to users, and when the user clicks on an item, it will be taken directly to the seller’s website.

This strategy effectively wins more product sales for e-commerce business.This is because they effectively pre-screen potential customers by displaying product images and prices, so they can get highly targeted clicks. It is also very easy to implement on platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce.

Upsell and Cross Sell

Upselling is a strategy in which you try to sell a product that is better quality and more expensive than the product your customers are currently choosing to buy. It can be a different product model or the same product with additional functions.

Amazon has been doing this for years because they have provided you with newer and better models on the product page.

On the other hand, cross-selling is a strategy where you can offer customers products that are similar to the ones they are currently buying. So, when you look at products like Canon EOS 80D, for example, Amazon will sell you things like lenses.

Add Structured Markup Language

Adding structured markup language is also a great strategy to make your products more visible on Google search. Brands should add structured markup language to the back end of their product pages to help search engines index it locally. And, because it makes it easier for search engines to know the information on a given page, there is also the possibility of higher rankings.

By adding rich code snippets, you can help Google show its products to the right people who search for the term.

Optimize for Voice Search

According to recent studies and predictions, voice search will become the most important trend of e-commerce marketing strategies in the coming years. For voice search products, brands that optimize their content for these search terms will have the advantage of capturing natural traffic from search engines.

The biggest challenge is that there are not many tools that can analyze popular voice search terms.

Focus on Website Speed

E-commerce brands that focus on website design should also ensure that their websitereaches and maintains the standard, including website speed, title tags, and interactive media. Operating correctly will greatly increase the visibility and click-through rate of your website. Improving website loading speed brings in many benefits, including improving the performance of a brand online.


These are a few factors you need to keep in mind when creating a suitable e-commerce marketing strategy. As you can see, an optimized design, speed, and running suitable ads forms the basic structure of promoting e-commerce sales. Following the strategies mentioned above will surely help boost sales for your e-commerce website.

However, it’s always best for your website or business that the marketing is handled by professionals. In such cases, you can always connect with a reliable eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency for creating and implementing the perfect strategy for your e-commerce business.

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