The Prince of Persia Sand of Time Story

The Prince of Persia Sand of Time Story

The Prince of Persia Sand of Time :

The story is set in Persia during the ninth century AD and starts with the Prince describing to a concealed audience about his experiences. The Prince and the military of his dad Sharman are going through India to visit the Sultan of Azad. The Vizier of a nearby Maharaja, needing to forestall his demise utilizing a substance known as the Sands of Time, lures them into assaulting the Maharaja's castle, where the Sands are put away. During the battle, the Prince plunders a relic called the Dagger of Time, and the Maharaja's girl Farah is taken as a present for the Sultan of Azad. Visiting Azad, the Vizier fools the Prince into discharging the Sands, turning everybody except the Prince, the Vizier, and Farah (secured by the Dagger, a staff and an emblem individually) into beasts. The Vizier endeavours to hold onto the Dagger from the Prince, however, he getaway and in the long run aligns with Farah to fix the harm he has caused and keep the Sands from covering the world, despite the fact that he has questions about her loyalties and thought processes. 

In the wake of exploring the royal residence of Azad and arriving at the hourglass of the Sands in the Tower of Dawn, the Prince wavers when adhering to Farah's guidelines on containing the Sands, uncertain of whether to confide in her. The Vizier ambushes them and they scarcely escape with the Dagger, winding up in a burial place underneath the city. In the end discovering cover in a secretive bathhouse, the two rest and start demonstrating affections for one another. At the point when the Prince wakes back in the royal residence, Farah has gone with the Dagger, leaving him her emblem. He follows her and just barely figures out how to get her as she is driven over an edge over the hourglass by beasts. To spare the Prince, Farah permits herself to tumble to her demise. As the Prince grieves over her, the Vizier offers him everlasting life in return for the Dagger. The Prince cannot and cuts the hourglass with the Dagger out of fury. Time rewinds to before the assault on the Maharaja's royal residence, and the Prince, still possessing the Dagger and his recollections, runs ahead to caution Farah of the Vizier's bad form. It is presently uncovered that the Prince has been describing his story to Farah, and as he completes, the Vizier enters to execute him. The Prince murders the Vizier and returns the Dagger to Farah, who accepts his account was only a story. In separating, the Prince makes reference to a private word she let him know during their time in the burial chamber, leaving her astounded.

Prince starting to recount his story :

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