God of War 2

God of War 2

God of War II :

Kratos, the new God of War following Ares' demise, is as yet frequented by bad dreams of his past and is disregarded by different gods for his damaging ways. Disregarding Athena's warnings, Kratos joins the Spartan armed force in an assault on Rhodes, during which a goliath hawk out of nowhere depletes an enormous lump of his forces and vitalizes the Colossus of Rhodes. While fighting the sculpture, Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus, a strong sword that Zeus had used to end the Great War, requiring Kratos to inject the cutting edge with the rest of his godly force. Albeit now human, Kratos routs the Colossus however is mortally injured. The falcon uncovers itself to have been Zeus from the start, who states he had to mediate as Athena wouldn't do as such. Zeus at that point awards Kratos the last chance to be faithful to the gods, however, Kratos can't. Chafed by his rebellion, Zeus slaughters him with the cutting edge and obliterates the Spartan armed force. 

Kratos is gradually hauled to the Underworld, however, is spared by the Titan Gaia. Gaia discloses to Kratos that she once raised the youthful Zeus, who in the long run sold out the Titans as retaliation for the savagery perpetrated on his kin by Zeus' dad, Cronos. She educates Kratos to discover the "Sisters of Fate", who can adjust the time, forestall his passing, and permit him his vengeance on Zeus. With the guide of Pegasus, Kratos finds the den of Gaia's sibling Typhon. Detained under a mountain, Typhon is irritated at the interruption and traps Pegasus, constraining Kratos to investigate by walking. Kratos experiences the Titan Prometheus, who is affixed in mortal structure and tormented in Zeus' order for offering fire to humanity. Prometheus asks to be discharged from his torture, so Kratos stands up to Typhon to take his mysterious bow. He blinds the monstrous Titan with it to get away and afterwards, utilizes it to free Prometheus, who falls into a fire and passes on, at long last liberated from everlasting torment. The Immolation discharges the intensity of the Titans which Kratos ingests, utilizing it to free Pegasus and afterwards fly to the Island of Creation. 

Not long before arriving at the island, Kratos battles and kills Theseus to stir the monstrous stone Steeds of Time—a blessing to the Sisters of Fate from Cronos trying to change his own destiny—which awards Kratos access to the island. There, Kratos experiences and annihilations a few adversaries, some of the whom-themselves are likewise looking for the Sisters of Fate, including an undead rendition of his old adversary the Barbarian King, the Gorgon Euryale, Perseus, and Icarus. He, in the end, experiences the detained Titan Atlas, who at first dislikes Kratos for his present issue. After Kratos clarifies his goal, Atlas uncovers that Gaia and different Titans likewise look for vengeance on Zeus for their thrashing in the Great War. Map book additionally uncovers that the Blade of Olympus is the way to overcoming Zeus and causes Kratos to come to the "Royal residence of the Fates". 

In the wake of sidestepping traps and overcoming more adversaries, including the Kraken, Kratos experiences an inconspicuous enemy, uncovered to be a steadfast Spartan fighter likewise looking for the Sisters. Before he kicks the bucket, the warrior advises Kratos that Zeus has pulverized Sparta in Kratos' nonappearance. Shocked, Kratos is additionally inspired and liberates a phoenix, riding the animal to the Sisters' fortification where he goes up against two, Lachesis and Atropos. After they deny his solicitation to modify time, Kratos fights them. During this, the Sisters attempt to change the result of Kratos' fight with Ares, yet Kratos executes them both, at that point faces the rest of the Sister, Clotho. He murders her utilizing her own snares and secures the "Loom of Fate" so as to come back forthright at which Zeus sold out him. 

Kratos shocks Zeus, holds onto the Blade of Olympus, lastly cripples him. Athena mediates and entreats Kratos to stop, as by murdering Zeus, he will devastate Olympus. Kratos disregards her and attempts to slaughter Zeus, yet Athena penances herself by spearing herself upon the cutting edge, conceding Zeus' break. Before she bites the dust, Athena uncovers that Kratos is really Zeus' child. Zeus was apprehensive Kratos would usurp him, similarly as Zeus had usurped his own dad, Cronos. Kratos pronounces that the standard of the gods is at an end, at that point goes back in time and saves the Titans not long before their destruction in the Great War. He comes back with the Titans to the present, and the gods watch as their previous adversaries climb Mount Olympus. Kratos, remaining on the rear of Gaia, pronounces that he has brought the pulverization of Olympus.

Kratos comes back to the Loom, as the room it's in falls around him and he returns in time again to the Great War of the Gods and Titans. He calls to Gaia and she reports that the Titans were expecting him and afterwards Kratos clarifies they can win the Great War in his time. 

As a vanquished Zeus urges his kindred Gods to assist him with killing the now maverick Kratos, the Titans come back to Kratos' time, irate and vindictive they climb Mount Olympus to kill Zeus and the Gods. Driving them, Kratos reports to "Zeus! Your child has returned, I bring the pulverization of Olympus!!!", along these lines driving straightforwardly into the occasions of God of War III.

God of War 2 starting to recount his story :

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