Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey cast

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey cast

Four years after the Enchantress' defeat,the Joker says a final farewell to Harley Quinn, tossing her out on the Gotham City roads. She is taken in by Doc, the proprietor of a Taiwanese eatery, and recuperates from her relationship by trimming her hair, receiving a spotted hyena (whom she names after Bruce Wayne), and taking up roller derby. 

Harley becomes inebriated at a dance club claimed by Roman Sionis, a merciless wrongdoing master, and handicapped people his driver after said driver affronts her. She meets vaudeville vocalist Dinah Lance, who later protects an inebriated Harley from an endeavored kidnapping. Sionis is dazzled by Dinah's abilities and names her as his new driver. The following night, Harley explodes the Ace Chemicals plant as an approach to openly declare her and Joker's separation. In the interim, GCPD Detective Renee Montoya examines a progression of crowd killings did by a crossbow-using vigilante. Discovering Harley's accessory at the area of the Ace Chemicals blast, Montoya takes note of that Harley is in peril without the Joker's insurance. She approaches Dinah about being a witness on Sionis for them, however Dinah rejects the offer. 

Sionis sends Dinah and his twisted right-hand-man Victor Zsasz to recover a jewel installed with the record numbers to the fortune of the Bertinelli wrongdoing family, who were slaughtered years prior. Youthful pickpocket Cassandra "Cass" Cain takes the jewel from Zsasz and swallows it after she is captured. Harley, escaping from Montoya and a few others she had violated, is caught by Sionis' men. Zsasz educates Sionis that Cassandra has the precious stone, and Dinah cautions Montoya. As Sionis gets ready to have Harley slaughtered, she offers to recoup the jewel for him. Sionis concurs yet in addition puts an abundance on Cassandra. Breaking into the GCPD with an assortment of firecracker propelled non-deadly explosive launcher adjusts, Harley liberates Cassandra and the pair escape. 

In the wake of getting away, Harley and Cassandra bond while hanging out at the previous' loft. Doc is drawn nearer for data by the "crossbow executioner", who is uncovered to be Helena Bertinelli. Having endure her family's slaughter and getting prepared as a professional killer, Helena has been focusing on every one of the hoodlums liable for her family's killings, leaning toward the moniker of "The Huntress". Quinn's loft is later besieged by hoodlums searching for Cassandra, and Doc sadly uncovers that he sold Harley out. Harley calls Sionis and offers to turn Cassandra over in return for his assurance, consenting to meet at a relinquished entertainment mecca. Dinah advises Montoya of the meeting, yet her selling out is seen by Zsasz, who illuminates Sionis. A crushed Sionis wears his ceremonial veil from which he gets his contemptible moniker, "Dark Mask". 

At the recreation center, Montoya goes up against Harley, yet Harley takes her out of a window. Zsasz shows up and sedates Harley before holding Dinah at gunpoint, yet he is executed by Helena, who uncovers Zsasz was the remainder of her family's executioners. Montoya returns and a deadlock follows, until they understand Sionis has shown up with a little armed force of covered crooks, referred to all things considered as the False Face Society. Utilizing Quinn's old apparatus, the improvised group effectively withstand and repulse their assault. During the fight, Cassandra is caught by Sionis, while Dinah uncovers her metahuman capacity of supersonic-level shouting, overcoming an extra number of mobsters lined up with Sionis. Harley gives pursue on roller skates, and with help from Helena, the pair seek after Sionis. At a close by wharf, the last showdown happens. Sionis plans to slaughter Cassandra, however she pulls the ring from a projectile that she slipped in his coat in the wake of taking it from Harley's weapons chest prior. Harley throws Sionis off the dock not long before the explosive explodes and murders him. 

In the outcome of decimating Sionis' criminal domain, Montoya stops the GCPD. With the cash inside the records covered up inside the precious stone, she joins Dinah and Helena in setting up a group of vigilantes called the Birds of Prey. Harley and Cassandra evade, offering the jewel itself to a second hand store and beginning their own agreement killing business. 

In a post-credits sound succession, Harley is going to uncover a mystery about Batman,but the film closes mid-sentence.

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