4 Most Ignored Powerful Diablo 2 Items that You Must Use

Aside from giving the Diablo 2 storyline an immersive depth, the items make the gameplay interesting. As the players focus on acquiring more and more advanced items throughout the game making the gaming character more of a pro.

One of the reasons why Diablo 2 has been one of the popular computer video games is because of its horde of distinctive item options. Players even head to the D2 Legit store to find and purchase their desired gaming item. But as gamers progress in the Diablo storyline, they often forget about some of the items which are extremely powerful and useful.

Either these items are not paid enough attention or they are just forgotten in the multitude of diverse item options. That’s why here we have listed some of the most ignored items in Diablo 2 which are actually very powerful and effective for the use of players. Keep on reading more to find out.

1. Whitstan’s Guard

Whitten's Guard is one of the lower-level items belonging to the Orphan’s Call set in Diablo 2. While most players ignore it for the fact that it is available in the lower-level, there is no denying the fact that it offers the highest percentage of block rate in comparison to any other shield in the game.

The Whitstan’s Guard delivers as much as 55 percent of the increased rate of blocking giving the players attain maximum block rate. This piece of item is brutally ignored as players throw them in the side.

However, if you are wanting to acquire a cheap alternative option for shield in the initial stage of your character’s advance then this is the one you should go for. You will have better survivability with enhanced defense. 

2. Skin of The Vipermagi

A common Armor in the early stage of Diablo 2, the skin of the Vipermagi is often overlooked by players. In fact, this one has the potential of being one of the best slot Armor items.

The Armor can be rightly compared to the Chains of Honor and in fact, can be considered to be better than that since it has 30% faster cast rate breakpoints. Furthermore, Vipermagi can be upgraded based on your locket.

Even though the Chains of Honor gives you better defense but it can significantly cost you more. Whereas Vipermagi is a cheaper option to go for with much better cast speed.

3. Lightsabre

Lightsabre is the most unique phase blade which has the highlighting feature of ignoring the target's defense. This is a mod that is typically seen in several high-end rune words, for instance, Last Wish or Grief.

This ultimate feature sets the defenses of normal monsters to as low as zero. This stat is also delivered by a jarring but one must keep a note that this does not have an effect on unique monsters, PVP, or bosses.

All in all, the sword has several effective stats and is yet another cheap item existing in the trading community which players can opt for.

4. Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon is a three-socket phase rune word and it can be noted among one of the most useful one-handed weapons in Diablo 2 within a budget. Similar to Lightsabre, this one also has the ignore target defense.

But an add-on feature that you get from Crescent Moon is that it delivers a static field cast when you strike. Melee characters such as the Sealers lack in casting area effective damage and with the use of Crescent Moon, only you can get that kind of damage.

Therefore, the increased attack speed, open wound stats, and enhanced damage make the Crescent Moon one of the powerful weapons which players mustn’t ignore.

So, what are you waiting for? Aside from other popular items make sure to grab these ignored and yet extremely powerful items from the D2 Legit store.

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