Why Singapore Psychologist Offers Best Mental Care Services

Psychologists deal with all kinds of mental health problems and they offer various psychological treatments based on the client’s condition. The client could be anyone including a student, working for professional, military personnel, psychiatric patient, and many more.

It is the job of a psychologist to develop specific therapy plans or counselling sessions for addressing certain issues of individuals. However, to ensure maximum benefits and promote mental health and wellness, appointing the right Singapore psychologist is very essential.

In this post, I will focus your attention on some common psychological issues that require effective counselling from a psychologist. This will also help you to understand the diverse psychological therapies offered by counsellors, which works the best for clients.

Mental Health Problems and Life Situations that Psychiatrists Deal With

Psychologists are psychiatry specialists who offer various treatments that include psychotherapy sessions and prescribing medicines. They can be consulted for general health medical care by common people or specialist services for psychiatric patients.

List of Psychological Problems           

Let we go through some common types of mental issues that can be treated by psychiatrists.

  • Eating and personality disorders  
  • Depression, phobia, trauma, and anxiety
  • Alcohol and substance abuse addictions
  • Dementia, OCD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder
  • Attention deficit and panic disorder
  • Schizophrenia

List of Common Issues

Besides, there can be other challenging situations that you can overcome by taking counselling or therapy from a psychologist. They are given below.

  • Health issues and physical limitations
  • Academic stress, bullying, and harassment
  • Unemployment, professional and financial stress
  • Parental stress, separation, and loss
  • Marital, relationship, and pregnancy issues
  • Loneliness, self-esteem, and abuse
  • Anger, unstable mood, and grief
  • Gender identity and LGBTQ problems

Now, I hope you understand the vast areas that psychologists cover while providing mental wellness therapies and counselling. 

How to Select your Psychotherapist for Treatment?

It is important to consider psychologists who can create the best counselling and therapy sessions to promote mental health conditions. Therefore, you must consult a medical health counsellor who fulfils the following criteria.

Criteria as a Therapist

v  Qualified professional & experienced psychologist

v  Specialization in specific psychological areas

v  Association with any board of psychology society

v  Psychotherapy techniques they implement

v  Prescribes medicine to treat specific disorders

Criteria as a Counsellor

v  Emotion-wise and mental-wise stability

v  Compassion and empathy for clients

v  Analytical thinking ability

v  Outstanding communication skills

v  Pick emotions using social cues

v  Strong organizational skills

Many psychologists are providing world-class services to their clients to treat mental disorders and overcome challenging situations. They offer them the scope to heal their psychological traumas by following the path of self-discovery.

Hence, it is best to consult socially conscious psychologists, who can develop therapies based on understanding your social constructs.

Therefore, after comparing the benefits and services, you should appoint a Singapore psychologist for receiving therapies and counselling. If you ask me for a recommendation, I will suggest psychotherapists and counsellors from TYHO. 


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