The United States next president Winner Biden in 2020

Biden : 

We still don't know, because insufficient votes have been counted for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to have made sure about victory. 

We're well into our third day of counting. The immense number of postal votes cast during this pandemic election and different states' laws about how to count them, meant this consistently planned to take longer if the result was close. 

Furthermore, it is. 

Hasn't Joe Biden won the mainstream vote? 

Truly, up until this point, but that's not what chooses who gets to be president. 

Instead, a candidate needs to win the majority in a system called the electoral school, where each state gets a certain number of votes or "electors" generally in proportion to its population. If you win a state, you win every one of its votes (except Nebraska and Maine, but that's complicated). There are 538 state votes and the individual who gets 270 wins the prize. 

But for what reason is it taking so long? 

This is partly down to how individual states are counting and the request in which they count different types of votes (for instance postal votes). Let's separate it to what's going on in a portion of the battlegrounds: 

Arizona (11 votes): Joe Biden has a narrowing lead of about 47,000 votes. Huge numbers of that excess are from Maricopa County, home to 60% of the state's population. 

Nevada (6 votes): Mr. Biden has a limited lead. The state government posted FAQs saying counting is going at the expected movement, a timeline set by Nevada law. Postal votes haven't yet been counted, and updates will come in the first part of the day, with informal results here. 

Georgia (16 votes): Mr. Trump has a restricted lead over Mr. Biden in Georgia, down to about 1,700 votes after another tranche was delivered on Thursday night. 

Pennsylvania (20 votes): In Pennsylvania, there are about 200,000 mail ballots left to count - that's since state law said postal ballots couldn't be counted before election day. Mr. Trump's lead over Mr. Biden has been diminishing, and because mail ballots tend to go Democratic, analysts state anything is conceivable. 

Wisconsin (10) and Michigan (16): The BBC projects that Mr. Biden will win Michigan and US media have projected him to win in Wisconsin, where he leads by under 1% of the vote. 

For what reason does it need to be so difficult? 

In contrast to some other nations, nobody's body or election commission administers elections in the US. Each state makes its own laws and systems for counting votes. 

So is it just maths now? 

On the off chance that Mr. Biden gets Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin in addition to Michigan, he gets 270 votes. Mr. Trump will require Pennsylvania's votes and win three states out of Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, or Arizona. But Mr. Trump has dispatched legitimate and other difficulties, for example, 

Looking for a recount in Wisconsin 

Trying to halt a vote count in Michigan since Republicans state they need more transparency 

Testing the extension of mail ballot cutoff times in Pennsylvania 

Testing late absentee ballots in Georgia 

Except for Pennsylvania, where the Supreme Court recently hinted it could revisit the guidelines, analysts suggest most of these worry little quantities of ballots that might not have any kind of effect at long last. 

But truly, it's not just maths 

It currently looks like surveying data going into this week didn't tell us the entire story about the American public. Numerous eyewitnesses didn't understand the race would be so tight. 

Robert Cuffe, the BBC's head of statistics, says it's still too right on time to state whether this election has been a pollster's nightmare. Last national surveys showed Mr. Biden driving Mr. Trump by about eight points. In battleground states, Mr. Biden additionally surveyed ahead of the pack, but by a much slimmer edge. 

A few experts suspect there's a part of the American public that won't participate in surveys since they don't trust institutions - they're bound to vote for Mr. Trump. 

Voter priorities may have additionally been slightly misconstrued. While the Covid pandemic has dominated features, a study conducted by Edison Research found that more voters (one third altogether) listed the economy as their central point of interest - it was a central Trump message. 

Mr. Trump's vote additionally looks a little bit more different than many might have expected. 

The story in one line? 

Donald Trump is showing improvement over expected and Joe Biden has neglected to win those battleground states which count votes rapidly, which implies more uncertainty as we wait for a couple of key states. 

There were other election stories too... 

The Democratic party will keep control of the House, but might not have enough to take the Senate 

A man who passed on of Covid in October has been elected to the North Dakota state legislature 

Sarah McBride is set to turn into the first transgender state senator in the US after dominating her race in Delaware 

For cannabis clients, last night was a decisive victory with Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota all affirming recreational use 

Searching for some uplifting news? The US is now on course for the highest electoral turnout in a century.

Biden's victory in two states that were key parts of Mr. Trump's alliance in 2016 significantly limits the president's pathways to re-appointment, with just four states still considered toss-ups in CBS News' estimates. Biden at present holds a lead of 20,510 votes in Wisconsin with essentially all votes checked, and a lead of approximately 61,000 votes in Michigan. 

Indeed, even before news organizations started anticipating Biden to win Wisconsin Wednesday evening, Bill Stepien, the president's mission administrator, said the mission would "promptly" seek a description, which is allowed in Wisconsin when the edge of victory is less than 1 rate point. Biden's lead in the state stands at about 0.6 rate points.

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